Why Solarstrom

SOLARSTROM brings together, future ready technology, innovative engineering, a wide range of investment/ financing options and over 45 years of combined professional expertise to support businesses and governments looking to adopt solar energy and Hydroponics solutions for their projects.

SOLAR POWER today is much more than just green energy, for businesses, it means increased profits, for governments, its about lower costs of power generation, and a flexible micro level solution for rural electrification and empowerment. Above all, every solar plant is a step towards preserving the environment for the future generation.

HYDROPONICS takes one step forward to combine the synergies of energy security with food security. Our solar powered greenhouses and hydroponics plants cater to a wide range of highly profitable agriculture solutions that operate and yield produce 24/7, 365 days a year irrespective of the changes in the local geographic climate patterns. Utilising 90 % less water, and only 20 % of the land/ footprint compared to conventional agriculture, our solar powered plants help to cultivate a wide range of greens, vegetables, tomatoes, mushrooms, premium fruits such as strawberries and much more. Added to this are systems that can cultivate and give a customised nutrient mix engineered fodder and feed system for horses, cattle, and dairy.

VISION : SOLARSTROM will be a global leader in engineered solar power solutions and advanced Hydroponics helping the world especially remote rural communities embrace green energy and obtain food security with innovative and future ready technology

Our Solutions

Solarstrom Global brings forth a bouquet of products and solutions serving diverse industries and segments.

Utility scale plants from 1 mw – 50 mw are a key specialty of ours delivered by our highly skilled European and Indian contract teams. We facilitate funding for utility scale projects through our panel of investors, bank, and funds.
Our high yield hydroponic plants and green houses are weather independent and operate as well as yield product covering vegetables, greens, fruits, fodder and feed across the year without pesticides at a fraction of water and land use giving the project owners one of the highest ROIs on green investments.
Solarstrom’s EM-power range of rural electrification products and solutions are broad based. Ranging from solar powered sewing machines, solar home lighting kits, micro grids and mini grids, solar powered tuck shops, solar powered water purification and pumping systems, solar powered class rooms to name a few
Solarstrom offers integrated all in one lithium battery based solar street lights with added features such as motion sensors, remote control and CCTV cameras
We bring innovative solutions for solar rooftops be it AC/ DC coupled systems, hybrid systems, future ready storage, or even Dg synchronized systems. Coupled with future ready lithium or salt water based storage solutions, we offer value first for our clients.
We facilitate funding for utility scale and rural electrification projects through our panel of investors, banks, funds and foundations. For utility scale projects, each application is to be accompanied with Land lease, project confirmation, IPP license, PPA draft and EIA.

Our Mission

We at SOLASTROM are a specialist team providing investment and custom engineered solutions in solar power and Hydroponics Our mission is to positively impact environment protection and sustainability in the countries we operate in and directly impact the lives and being part of providing food security to the populations where we engage through our Hydroponics systems

Our mission is to make the greener place by building over 1 GW of solar power capacity globally and directly impact and empower 100000 plus lives through rural electrification and e-mobility solutions over the next 5 years.

Where we are

SOLARSTROM operates out of our own offices in Germany, India and Namibia as well as JVs and associates offices in Vietnam, Chile, Columbia, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Nigeria