We at Solarstrom understand the need for wide ranging yet economical solutions for bringing light, power and modern amenities for citizens of rural hamlets and remote villages which is why we leverage the infinite energy of the sun, modern technology and on ground experience to design various solutions to benefit rural electrification projects.

Our solutions cover

  • Rural village package – A central micro or mini grid to power lights, fans and power points in all homes, common area community center, power for common tv and audio system, tuck shop, water purification, computer for children’s education etc
  • Solar powered sewing machine set. Our EM-Power range of solar sewing machines feature a solar sewing machine accompanied with in built charger and batteries, a table lamp, table fan and mobile charging empowering skilled rural citizens to work day or night comfortably to build a revenue stream
  • Solar powered home lighting kits
  • Solar powered gadgets such as freezer, microwaver, refrigerator, mixer, television and computers